Paragliding news Bulwer

Bulwer has seen some great paragliding weather lately. Last weekend student Brad logged 16 flights!  Hans had great  tandem flights on Sunday.  The air is very smoky despite a massive thunderstorm that swept through yesterday evening. We got 25mm of rain, finally some decent precipitation! This week every day has been flyable at Bulwer except on Monday there was a strong Westerly in the morning.

Paragliding update

Over the long weekend we were fully booked with bikers entering the Man on Machine offroad race.  We also had some visitors from Bloemfontein, Lambert and Hentie, with their friend Erard doing his first bit of paragliding.  The weather was inconsistent and mostly short flights were done.

This weekend we had Anwar and Mark from Durban doing their first paragliding. On Saturday the wind was North to Northeast in the afternoon, and the two new students had smooth first flights from the saddle.  Sunday was a good paragliding day for all and the guys logged two more flights each.

Today was stable and the wind only really picked up for a bit of thermic and valley release after two o’clock

Weather update 31 July 2015

So far the weather forecast for the weekend looks good.  It has rained this morning in Durban but we have had only strong Westerly wind and frost.  No snow up here.

After last weekends bad weather it cleared up and was flyable most days this week.  Every morning started with a catabatic wind and as the valley heats up the wind swings to an anabatic straight up the mountain.


Barberton competition report by Hans Fokkens

Barberton Report

My plans had been to share a lift with Calum McComb and Jonathan McCilvenny from the Karkloof to Barberton but that was not to be. My ass was hauled to Johannesburg on Friday by Airlink so that I could sign off all the last minute licence renewals for all the pilots entering the Barberton Comp. The SAHPA meeting “to be” attendees were dealing with Car trouble. So we had some beers with Fezter and co. who were making Jaco’s Bachelors party not as wild as one would imagine.

Saturday, Lots of people had great flying late in the day, once the clouds from a cold front had moved in. I did not because the glider I was meant to pick up was locked in Tom’s car and he was still sleeping. I had a great time yakking with all the old mates that paraglider pilots are.

Sunday was electing the task committee and safety committee. Once again I was put on the safety committee. On the hill the forecast looked too strong West. Henry Shurink, Grant van Rooyen and I decided to can the task because we have experience with the West wind. Then it got too strong and some folk wanted to free fly. I pushed in in front of everybody, waited for a lull and pulled up, got airborne, went sideways off the hill in what must be my best worst takeoff ever. Whilst this was happening the thought that it was not a good time to be trying out a harness for the first time crossed my mind as I couldn’t get to the speed bar to get out of the compression. Well it turned out ok and Andre Rainsford also took off in the lull. I maintain that as safety officer I had to go and show that it was unsafe, and I’m sticking to that.

Monday was similar but Fezter called it a three (1= safe 2= maybe 3= unsafe) afer the first thermal. Others joked with him about it but actually felt the same. Tuesday was a whole bunch of parawaiting, the wind came right for a short while a task was held and the winners scored a massive one point each.

Wednesday to Saturday we had great flying. Basically all the tasks were 7 km to Agnes mine, 3km back to zigzags. Then to a point on the front ridge that was different everyday, we crossed Duncans Donga once. Then to the back ridge, then the look out tower B18 and then to Goal at the golf course. Wednesday I flew only 2hrs, conditions shut off at exactly 3pm and I landed 6km short of goal, About 10th for the task. I had played catch up all day for nothing due to instrument problems, but that it a story for another day.

The next three days were better and the flying was awesome for all four of the last days. I made Goal on the last 3 days. I managed to convince my travelling mates, Mac and Calum, to use much more speed bar and control via the back risers. They did and made goal on the Friday after having had mediocre to alright flying the previous two days. Saturday Mac made goal not too late, Calum was just short and Ollie Esplin managed a nearly 3 hr flight, his best ever. On two of the days I got to Goal high enough to do a SAT and some decent wing overs.

It was a great week of socialising with some very nice flying, seems like the KZN team will be a little bigger next year (I hope so) I got in more than 10 hrs airtime and did some decent distances. What more do you want?