Lundies Hill 24 Nov 2014

We had wonderful flying at Lundies Hill yesterday with Trevor and Gary on the XC course. The view was beautiful as always. Trevor managed to get up enough to go over the back and land at the Pickle Pot. Gary flew at two new sites this weekend



Lundies 5


Cross Country course

Our next Cross Country course will be 22-24 November 2014. Email to book or phone 0827488637

Some of what will be covered on the course:

1) wind

Be prepared to walk

2) Take off timing –  signs

Hammerton’s rule

3) Thermalling

4) Next thermal – how to identify it.

5) Clouds – Clouds: Good/bad, wind shear

6) When & how to leave

7)How 2 identify overdevelopment

8) Cloud streets – Bernard cells

– Repeated trigger with drift

– Ridge soaring clouds

– convergence

– Dolphin fly

– Cloud streets

6) LandingWhen to give up

– identifying wind direction

– Looking for obstacles

– Wind gradient

– Wind shadow & what to do

7) DriftDrifting over back

Judging drift

When to leave

– How high to leave

– Which direction

Speed to fly

– Going cross wind or down wind

Convergence on edge of forest

8) Triangles & competition flying – Tasks

9) PreparationIdentifying route

– Inform recovery driver

Comms: radio/cellphone NB

Water & food


– Work out type of day – low/ high/ fast/ turbulent/ strong