Weather 27 28 June

A cold front came through on Friday and Saturday.  There is snow on the top of the Drakensberg.  Sunday started with a strong North/Northwest wind at about 14h00 the wind swung more Easterly and flying conditions improved to allow a few hours of nice flying.

Flying at Bulwer

This weekend was quite nice flying at Bulwer again.  On Friday some pilots got to around 900m above take off.  Saturday was quite thermic and nice lift especially in the afternoon.  The guys got about 300m above take off. Sunday was a lot more stable but Hans managed three tandem flights and top landing.

This weekend 5 to 7 June 2015

This weekend had good and bad days. On Friday afternoon there was nice flying at Centocow with students top landing. Saturday was awesome at Bulwer with nice thermic flying and a great afternoon’s soaring. Guy Pringle logged eight flights and Zane Esplin completed his 35 flights with a great hour and fifteen minute flight. Sunday was disappointing as the wind was gusty and variable. We did some ground handling at the lodge and went to Centocow where Martin van Wyk and Zane Esplin each had a foefie.

Bulwer rocks

What a fab flying day at Bulwer again. It was nice thermic flying followed by a fantastic valley release. Once again our students logged five flights each with the last ones being over an hour for Martin and 42 minutes for Jason. Awesome stuff. Earlier the thermals went to around 650mato.  Hang glider pilot Wayne had great flying with a low save over the landing field.

Great flying at Bulwer

What a great day at Bulwer yesterday! We had thermic flying and a great valley release. Nobody landed at the bottom until late afternoon. Student Martin logged five flights and did some thermalling, ridge soaring and top landing. Jason’s first high flight was 17 minutes long.  Today looks like another good flying day.

Flying 16 17 May 2015

It was a reasonable paragliding weekend at Bulwer.  New students Lizzy, Ed and Kim all had one high flight  on Saturday.  Ed and Kim logged some more flights at Sun City on Sunday.   By the time we got to the 1000 takeoff the wind had picked up and was too strong for them to fly.  Neville and Dave had great flying though.

Wild Sky flying

Flying the last few weeks has been fantastic.  Almost every day was flyable at our main flying site, the beautiful mountain behind the small town of Bulwer.  We have had a number of students that logged a lot of flights and airtime.  It looks like the flying will be good for the next week as well.

Good flying at Bulwer April 2015

Its been a really good week.  Students Rudi and Corne logged 25 flights each in four days flying.  On Saturday Rudi Cronje got to 1900 meter above take off flying from Centocow and flew to Sani Pass. Yesterday Josh flew to Underberg, Himeville and back to the triangle dams.  Philip was 1km short of the Sani Pass Crossroads.