Paragliding courses

Wild Sky Paragliding offers an introductory (two day) paragliding course.  Starting on the training slope, there is an introductory lecture, demonstration by the instructor, then students pull up the glider with assistance from the intsructor and learn to steer the glider and stop.  Gradually working your way up the training slope,  you will eventually lift off the ground and experience the feeling of free flight.  The course includes at least one flight under guidance on radio.  Thats right, within two days you will already be flying!

This weekends weather

Student Roger logged 7 flights at Sun City on Thursday, and  6 flights on Friday at Bulwer.  On Saturday Aiden and Roger had one flight at Centocow and two flights at Bulwer before the rain came through at 14h00.  We then had 40mm of rain Saturday night and 30mm Sunday night.