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Free flight 2020

Due to the Corona virus South Africa is under lockdown until 30 April 2020. We will resume normal operations in May 2020. Until then stay safe. We can't wait to share the fantastic experience that is paragliding with you!

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Paragliding March 2020

March is a great time to fly in Bulwer. Join us at Wild Sky Paragliding for some adventure

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Paragliding fun

Our course on 14 December 2019 has been fully booked.! We are looking forward to meeting and working with the future pilots that have enlisted for this wonderful, fun, exciting experience.

Hans and Ria

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Paragliding 2019

The year so far has seen lots of paragliding in Bulwer and surrounds with visitors from around the globe benefiting from our beginners training courses as well as guiding.

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Paragliding at Bulwer

Paragliding with us at Bulwer is about more than the experience of free flight it is a beautiful place that cannot be forgotten.

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Paragliding tandem video

Watch this video of tandem paragliding with us

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Glider handling paragliding course

We had a great post basic license paragliding course this weekend that focused on glider handling.  All participants were happy with the course.  This is part of a progression steps program after one receives a basic license.  The aim is to help develop safe competent pilots.  And of course have lots of fun in the process!

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Paragliding courses

We have had some fantastic paragliding this season with students logging a lot of flights and fun and as always high quality tandem paragliding flights.

Paragliding conditions have been very thermic and at times quite strong.  Our paragliding students do not fly in the very strong conditions but we rather wait for later in the day when conditions calm for lovely late afternoon thermalling and soaring.

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Fun paragliding introductory course

Our last introductory paragliding course was great fun. Day one: Wind was quite strong. We took the paragliding students to a large field with small ground handling wings and had a good ground handling training session. We continued with this in the afternoon at our standard landing field.

Day 2: Low cloudbase. We took the students to a lower site below the clouds. There we managed some low level flights very successfully. We then moved to a higher takeoff site and the students had two top to bottom fligths with an instructor at take-off to assist with launch and an instructor in the landing field to guide students in for landing.

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Paragliding intro course this weekend

The weather forecast for this weekend 9 and 10 December looks really good.

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