Tandem flights

Tandem paragliding flights with Wild Sky.  We aim to stay aloft for about 10 to 12 minutes, using thermals and ridge soaring lift to climb.Tandem Sbu

No experience required.  You fly with a qualified Tandem Flight Instructor.  It is a fun filled and  beautiful experience.  We fly mainly at Bulwer, the  most consistent and popular paragliding site in Kwazulu Natal.   We are also available to fly at the Bluff in Durban, if there are group bookings.

The mountain take off site is 1840 meters above sea level.  The difference between take off height and the landing field is 300m.  Two peaks rise to the left of take off to another 280m above the launch site.  We are often able to use thermal or ridge lift to climb out above the peaks, from where you will have a 360 degree view of the most beautiful Kwazulu Natal rolling hills, as well as a spectacular view of the Southern Drakensberg, which is about 50 kilometres away, as the crow flies. 

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