This week in Bulwer

Monday was a hot day with a West wind blowing.  On Monday evening someone set fire to the grass at the bottom of the 600.  It raced up to behind the peaks as we were watching, and we thought the whole mountain would burn for sure.  On Tuesday morning at 05h00 the fire was slowly creeping down from the peaks towards take off.  Around 06h00 mist moved in for the whole of Tuesday so we had no idea what the status of the fire was.  On Wednesday morning the mist had cleared and we had a tri-colour mountain. mountain2On Wednesday the wind was strong North in the morning and it swung to a strongish East in the afternoon.  On Thursday the wind was West all day and today another weather system moved in bringing 100 percent cloud cover and a strong ESE wind.  It looks flyable, if chilly, for the weekend.

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