Paragliding Tours

Our expert guided paragliding tours vary from one to ten days.

Normally the best conditions for paragliding tours are from December through to August.

Guided paragliding tours are tailor made to the specific needs and experience levels of all pilots/groups. Radio instruction (if required) is available from our expert.

There are ten different take off sites in our area.  Conditions vary from thermic to soaring in the afternoon.  We also fly at the Bluff in Durban, a coastal ridge soaring site.

Accommodation is included in the tour price as well as pick up and drop off at the airport.

The Southern Drakensberg offers spectacular views with extremely good flying conditions.  Our main site, Bulwer mountain, is 300m high from take off to landing.  Take off altitude above sea level is 1840m.  We often have raptors joining us in the thermals.   As you gain altitude there are views of the Drakensberg and the rolling hills of Kwazulu-Natal.

A number of our alternative sites which face various wind directions are set in rural Africa which adds an authentic African feel to the experience.

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